Camp Wannadrinki

Thu, June 29

$60 includes 5 courses, 2 full-sized cocktails, tax and gratuity


A Camp-Style Cocktail Dinner

Remember how excited you were to go to summer camp? The sights, sounds, smells, and friends that you would never want to leave or forget? And the food! Simple and fulfilling, with fish fresh out of the lake, beans simmered in a cast-iron Dutch oven, or chicken slowly grilled over the coals. Camp Wannadrinki brings back those childhood memories—but the food is a little more sophisticated and, of course, there are cocktails!


Welcome Drink
Campfire Old Fashioned
Graham cracker & cacao nib-infused High West Campfire whiskey, creme de cacao, cherry wood smoke

1st Course – Farmer’s Market Shish Kabob
Selection of farmer’s market produce grilled and served with Chimichurri sauce
Cocktail Pairing: Watermelon Cooler “Capri Sun-style”

2nd Course – Pork & Beans
Braised white beans and seared pork belly

3rd Course – Cast Iron Trout
Whole trout seared with lemon & herbs

4th Course – Beer Can Chicken
Served with corn on the cob, potatoes & onions

5th Course – Pudgy Pies
Pudgy pies stuffed with house made preserves & Nutella custard

Additional camp-inspired cocktails will be available for purchase throughout the evening.

The Throwback Dinner Series

The Avenue Club pays homage to the classic supper club by serving up creative variations of classic food and drinks in our updated mid-century modern setting. Each dish and every drink taps into the familiar comfort of family and friends, from the first sip of an Old Fashioned to the last slurp of an ice cream drink.

Our Throwback Dinners double down on these ”blast from the past” experiences. Each theme and menu has something to which all ages can relate, from the quirky Camp Wannadrinki to the swinging tropical tiki vibe to the glamorous Mad Men era.