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How to make our Extra Orange Old Fashioned

Our Extra Orange Old Fashioned is a classic, more spirited preparation of the Old Fashioned, made by adding a spirit to a sweet base with bitters, then stirring and straining over ice. This particular cocktail is made the way old fashioneds were made in the late 1800’s, which means it’s a little boozier than a Wisconsin-style Old Fashioned, which adds a fizzy mixer like 7-up or sour. With this recipe, you can now enjoy one at home anytime.

Cocktail Recipe
2 oz Rye Whiskey
.5 oz Orange Oleo
3 dashes Cardamom Bitters

Pour ingredients into shaker
Add ice and stir for 15 seconds
Strain over ice into a rocks glass
Zest and garnish with an orange peel

Make your own craft cocktail ingredients.
Cardamom Bitters:
10 grams of cardamom pods, can be purchased online or at a spice store
100 mL inexpensive vodka
A pinch of fenugreek seeds, can be purchased online or at a spice store

Break the cardamom pods open and add to vodka along with a pinch of fenugreek. Store in a glass bottle in a cool, room temperature space for four days, shaking daily. Put into and dasher bottle or use an eyedropper to add to a drink.

Orange Oleo:
12 oranges
1 1/2 cups of sugar - plus more to coat orange peels
2 ¾ cups of hot water
Orange extract

Peel oranges, getting as little of the white rind as possible (it's bitter). Coat peels heavily with sugar and muddle. Let the rinds sit for at least 4 hours, or overnight. When ready, strain orange rinds and keep the syrup. In another bowl dissolve 1 ½ cups of sugar into the hot water and add to orange-sugar syrup and 6 tsp. of orange extract. Stir to combine and allow to chill.