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The Supper Club

Supper Clubs, a Wisconsin Institution
Supper clubs gained popularity in the United States during the 1930’s and 1940’s and are generally found in Upper Midwestern States. While supper clubs often present a high class image, they are often priced appropriately to cater to working class people looking to enjoy an elegant evening out. Traditionally, supper clubs were considered more than just a place for dinner, they were a dining experience which would encompass an entire evening starting with cocktails at the bar and ending after dessert.

Traditional Cuisine
A major part of the Supper Club experience is the comforting flavors common amongst most Wisconsin Supper Clubs. Cocktails are a huge part of the supper club ritual. The brandy Old Fashioned may be the most popular cocktail, but a great supper club will feature a variety of classic cocktails including Manhattans, Sours, and Martinis. Classic dishes like meatloaf, steak, prime rib, and wedge salad are often preceded by cheese curds or shrimp cocktails. While a variety of desserts should always be available, supper clubs specialize in ice cream cocktails.

The Avenue Club Experience
We invite you to share decades of Wisconsin Supper Club tradition when you dine with us. Walk up to the elegant zebrawood bar and order your favorite Old Fashioned just the way you like it from one a highly trained bartender. Music sets the mood as you and your friends share conversation following a long day at work. After a cocktail or two, take a table and prepare for your dinner with savory Spotted Cow-battered Cheese Curds. Deciding between the steak and our classic Avenue Club Fish Fry is no easy task, but you’ll make the right choice. Slip into supper club bliss while enjoying a hand-crafted Brandy Alexander ice cream cocktail. This is what dreams are made of. This is the Avenue Club experience.

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